Amazon removed 'disturbing' Christmas ornaments featuring pictures of Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz

  • Amazon has removed several products including bottle openers and Christmas baubles featuring photographs of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz from its website. 
  • Auschwitz Memorial Museum called Amazon out for allowing the products to be sold on its site calling them "rather disturbing" and "disrespectful." 
  • The products were all being sold by third party sellers and have now been removed by Amazon. 
  • A spokeswoman from Amazon said in a statement: "All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action, including potential removal of their account."
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The online retail giant Amazon has removed a line of Christmas ornaments, bottle openers, and mouse pads featuring pictures of Auschwitz concentration camp from its website. 

The products on sale included Christmas ornaments, mouse pads, and bottle openers with photographs of the deadly Nazi concentration camp where Jewish men, women, and children were killed during the Holocaust in World War 2. 

On Sunday, the Auschwitz Memorial Museum in Poland called Amazon out for allowing the products to be sold on its site. 

The museum said the products were "rather disturbing" and "disrespectful" in a tweet, and urged Amazon to remove the items from the site.

The museum tweeted again later in the day announcing that "@amazon has removed all of the 'Christmas ornaments' with the images of the former Auschwitz camp." 

However just two hours later more products were found from different sellers featuring similar photographs. 

They included a mouse pad and what appears to be another ornament featuring an image of what the museum described as a "freight car used for deporting Jews for extermination." 

The tweets received thousands of likes and shares, and many people commented expressing their outrage at the insensitivity of Amazon for allowing the products to be sold. 

Some blamed Amazon for not exhibiting better screening of the products sold on their site meanwhile others vowed they would avoid shopping from Amazon following the incident. 

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A spokeswoman from Amazon told Business Insider in a statement that the products have now all been removed and that: "All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action, including potential removal of their account."

A search of Amazon by Business Insider on Monday was unable to find any of the products highlighted by the museum, suggesting they have been removed from the site.

On Monday it emerged that similar Christmas ornaments with photographs of Auschwitz are being sold by the online retailer

The Auschwitz Memorial Museum said in a tweet that they hope the reaction to these products will be similar to that of Amazon and that they will be "quickly removed." 

Business Insider has been unable to contact for comment on the products.

Earlier this year Redbubble, a US marketplace for independent designers, removed a pillow, tote bag and mini skirt all with images on Auschwitz on them from their site, according to an earlier report from Business Insider.

Redbubble said the items were "against community guidelines" and "not acceptable," according to a statement.

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