One lucky bettor won $100,000 thanks to Cowboys' bizarre decision to kick a late, nearly meaningless field goal against the Patriots

  • Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett opted for a late field goal rather than attempt to convert on fourth down late in the game against the New England Patriots.

  • Garrett's decision was frustrating for Cowboys fans, but a godsend to Cowboys bettors, who needed the Cowboys to cover a 6-point spread.

  • Dallas hit the field goal and went on to lost 13-9, meaning the Cowboys lost the game but cashed as underdogs for those who had bet on the game.

  • According to Darren Rovell of the Action Network, the Cowboys cover meant a $100,000 payday for one lucky bettor.

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Jason Garrett's odd decision to kick a late field goal against the New England Patriots was met with confusion from fans, but elation from Dallas Cowboys bettors.

The Cowboys trailed the Patriots 13-6 with just six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Dallas was driving deep into Patriots territory with a chance to tie the game with a touchdown but was facing fourth-and-7 from the New England 11-yard line.

Rather than taking a shot at the first down or game-tying score, Garrett elected to kick a field goal, bringing the Cowboys within four points and giving the ball back to the Patriots.

For Cowboys fans, it was a frustrating, overly-cautious decision from their head coach. However, to those who had bet the Cowboys, the field goal was a godsend.

Dallas entered the game as 6-point underdogs against the Patriots, meaning that Cowboys bettors needed the team to either win or lose by less than six in order to cash their bets. Had Garrett gone for it on fourth down, the Cowboys would have either converted or given the ball back to the Patriots still trailing by seven.

Instead, Garrett opted to kick the field goal, meaning that Dallas still needed a touchdown to win, but was now trailing 13-9, and thus covering the spread for Cowboys bettors.

When Patriots took over possession, they drove into field goal range but opted to drain the clock into its final seconds as opposed to kicking another field goal that would have once again put them past the spread. When the final whistle blew, Cowboys bettors had cashed their tickets.

According to Darren Rovell at the Action Network, Garrett's decision was the difference for a $100,000 payday for one lucky bettor.

Across Twitter, other fans couldn't believe their luck with Garrett's decision.

Cowboys fans might not have loved Garrett's decision to kick a field goal late, but those that bet on Dallas were laughing all the way to the bank.

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