Woman watches livestream of new dog walker stealing her belongings


With the rise in popularity of dog-walking apps, it doesn't hurt to install a home security system to make sure your pets are actually being cared for.

That's why when Shayna Bryan hired someone off of the app Wag, she decided to check in on the feed streaming from her living room camera to her phone. Then she started screaming.

Bryan was watching live footage of the dog walker going through her belongings, her two dogs sitting in the living room waiting to be taken outside. The walker can be seen looking through Bryan's purse before going to a nearby hall closet and perusing her coats.

"I was at dinner as it was happening and I was watching it live," Bryan told Inside Edition. "I'm pretty sure that anyone who was in the restaurant was wondering what was going on because I was livid and I was panicking and I had to leave dinner immediately."

When the walker — still oblivious to the fact that she was being filmed — pulled out an expensive winter coat and tried to fold it up to fit in her bag, Bryan set off her apartment alarm from her phone.

"As soon as she heard the alarm she looked up shocked and immediately put the coat back," Bryan said. "But she continued to take the rest of the stuff."

Bryan says she was absolutely shocked the dog walker continued to take her belongings, including a handbag, even though she knew she was caught on camera.

According to Inside Edition, a Wag representative told Bryan the company won't reimburse her for the stolen purse but will reimburse the cost of the walk. Bryan claims that Wag didn't respond to any of her emails until she posted about it on Twitter and news outlets started to cover the story.

Wag says that the walker has been removed from the platform and that they are cooperating with authorities.