'We don't just serve food': How this family gives back on Thanksgiving


While most people associate family reunions and pumpkin pie as their Thanksgiving traditions, Chuck Miller and his family have something different in mind.

"Thanksgiving is a holiday where most people can get around their table and eat with their family," Miller told In The Know. "But there is a large population of people who don't get to do that. So, if you just step out and give somebody a hot plate, a hot coffee, a bag to go — it can make their day."

The Miller family's philosophy is: If you have it, you can give it. This is why every Thanksgiving they give back to the people in Newark, N.J.

From donating heavy jackets to offering up plates of cooked food, the Millers spread the holiday spirit to everyone they help and interact with.

"Serving is one of the most miraculous things you can do. It makes me feel complete," said Miller.

This year, the prepared Thanksgiving dinner will be chicken with potatoes and peppers, yellow rice, string beans, pasta salad, ziti and some sandwich options.

"We don't just serve food without conversation," Miller said. "We're there to meet people, connect with people and hear their stories."

Newark is part of Essex County, which has the highest homeless population in New Jersey. Around 87 percent of Essex County's homeless population lives in Newark.

"You see that these people are actually happy that you're feeding them food that is really good," said Sheronda Hunter, a volunteer. "It makes me want to keep continuing to help them help others."

"There's still so much to do," Kymberly Miller said. "So we don't leave those brothers and sisters behind that are displaced."

The group doesn't anticipate that this tradition will end anytime soon. They hope to continue giving back to the community in any way they can for however long they can. They're a tightknit group who want to welcome others in.

"We don't look for anything in return."

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