Mom gives birth to baby 'pregnant' with her own sibling


A Colombian woman gave birth to a baby who required her own C-section, following the revelation that the child was "pregnant."

Mónica Vega gave birth to a baby girl, named Itzmara, earlier this year after doctors performed a C-section 37 weeks into her pregnancy, Mamás Latinas reported at the time. One day later, Vega received some shocking news.

In a case that is now receiving international attention, Vega learned from doctors that Itzmara needed her own C-section. It turned out the one-day-old infant was "pregnant" with a parasitic twin.

Itzmara was diagnosed with fetus-in-fetu (FIF), an extremely rare condition in which a malformed fetus grows within the body of its twin sibling. FIF is so uncommon that only 200 cases have ever been documented in medical journals, according to an August study published in BMJ Case Reports.

The "twin" found growing inside Itzmara — which did not have a heart or brain — was removed via C-section 24 hours after Vega originally gave birth. Doctors were reportedly concerned that had the twin continued growing, it could have damaged Itzmara's internal organs.

Mamás Latinas reported that Itzmara recovered fully and is in good condition.

Not all cases of FIF are treated immediately though. In a case study reported in August, doctors found an unborn twin growing inside the body of a 17-year-old girl.

The teen, who lived in India, had complained of stomach aches for several years. As it turned out, she was actually dealing with a tumor that contained parts of a fetus. Doctors in that case found hair, teeth, bones and "other body parts" when they removed the tumor.