Meet the woman who changes her identity every day

Growing up as a shy introvert, Sandy Navarro remembers having a hard time coming out of her shell and expressing herself. It was when she started experimenting with dressing up that she realized it was a creative outlet that would allow her to fit whatever emotion or personality she was feeling that day.

Now, Navarro goes to extreme lengths to change her everyday reality.

"I believe the world is your stage, so why not choose a different character and make life really interesting?" said Navarro.

Every detail of Navarro's appearance can transform on a regular basis. She coordinates how she dresses and acts depending upon how she's feeling that day. Working as a makeup artist and costume designer, she has an extensive arsenal of items that can pull together any look — everything from contact lenses to wigs to a diverse wardrobe.

"What this allows me to do is really connect to my emotions," Navarro told In The Know. "If I'm feeling very gloomy for one day, I'll have a gothic look. If I'm feeling very happy, I'll have a very colorful look. So it's trying to bring out different characteristics and traits in my personality and really show that and get reactions from people."

Navarro's looks are eye-catching and intricate. Her Instagram boasts over 10,000 followers who are captivated by her transformations.

A lot of detail and thought goes into every look — for example when she feels like being a villain for the day, she will give herself sharp cheekbones and dark eyeliner. Color contrasts in her clothing, hair and makeup also contribute to her attention-grabbing looks.

"If I wear, like, a colorful wig I would feel like people would perceive me as more of a happy person or maybe outgoing," Navarro said. "When they perceive me that way, then I have the confidence to be that way."

Navarro not only enjoys changing how she looks but also how people react differently to her appearance. It gives her the confidence to be more extroverted and also makes her day-to-day life more interesting.

But overall, what Navarro loves most about changing her identity is how it helps her express herself.

"When I wear wigs or contact lenses or a crazy outfit, that would really help bring out a different aspect of me."

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