Free-climbing daredevil films heart-stopping footage on top of 650-foot crane


This free-climber scaled a 650-foot construction crane without a safety harness and recorded the whole experience. In The Know featured the footage in the video above.

YouTuber George King posted on his channel that he'd climbed the tallest crane in London late last year. He completed the feat without the help of suction cups, ropes or any other safety equipment.

It is extremely dangerous to attempt to scale structures and buildings like this. Most of King's YouTube videos showcasing his incredible stunts begin with a disclaimer and warning about how none of his viewers should try — especially without the necessary safety precautions.

Free-climbing like this can also be illegal. The 20-year-old is infamous for scaling the Shard building in London, again without equipment, in 45 minutes. He was detained after accomplishing the 1,017-foot climb in July 2019 for trespassing, as well as for endangering himself, the emergency personnel who were called to the scene and anyone else in the area.

King scaled the world's tallest freestanding climbing wall when he was 18 years old. He is thought to be the first person to complete the 121-foot Excalibur wall in the Netherlands and finished in 15 minutes.