Man buys fiancée 'disgusting' swimsuit to stop guys from checking her out


An Australian social media influencer came up with a questionable way to stop other men from checking out his bikini-obsessed fiancée at the beach.

Earlier this week, Pedro Cuccovillo Vitola took to Instagram to share a nearly two-minute video, in which he surprises his fiancée Patty with a swimsuit that has a picture of his wide-eyed expression.

"Patty loves her bikinis so I thought I'd buy her a new one," he wrote in the caption.

Cuccovillo Vitola begins the video by telling his nearly 13,000 followers that his fiancée loves her bikinis but that he hates spending money on them.

"This time, I've put all that aside," he says. "I found a good place in my heart and, being the good fiancé that I am, I've bought her the perfect bikini."

Cuccovillo Vitola proceeds to tell the oblivious Patty that he has a surprise for her and shows her a package. He then tells her that she must put on the swimsuit while blindfolded. Later on, the two do a reveal together in front of a mirror.

"What is that?" Patty screams. "That is disgusting."

She, however, seems to take the whole prank in stride, even jokingly suggesting that she should wear it at the beach.

As of Friday afternoon, Cuccovillo Vitola's post has been viewed more than 11,000 times.

"You guys are both seriously the best!!!" one person wrote in response. "Keep producing such bomb content PLEASE!"

"I'm laughing so much I can't take it," another added.

The Australian couple's bikini-related episode is the latest to go viral in recent weeks. Last month, the boyfriend of a Taiwanese tourist defended her after she made international headlines for wearing a risqué bikini in the Philippines. The woman had apparently lost a bet and followed through with her promise to wear the outfit at their hotel pool.