Commuter ridiculed for 'disgusting' act inside subway station: 'Oh for god's sake!'


A man in the U.K. is stirring controversy online after his fellow commuters caught him bringing part of his morning routine onto the subway.

The attention-grabbing incident took place Wednesday morning, as passengers were awaiting their trains inside the Euston station of London's Underground rail system. That's when numerous bystanders began noticing the unidentified man — who happened to be brushing his teeth.

It seems as though many passengers were specifically outraged by the way the man — who was dressed in a tucked-in shirt and dress pants — was going about his teeth cleaning. One Twitter user, Melissa Therms, shared photos of the man, as well as the pile of toothpaste-filled spit he left on the subway platform.

Disgusting behavior at #Euston station this morning," Therms wrote. "Packed platform and this man starts brushing his teeth and spits repeatedly on the platform."

At least one other social media user also captured the man's actions, posting a video of him brushing his teeth in a different part of the station.

"He been brushing his pegs for quite sometime too!" Danny Edwards, another Twitter user, shared.

The incident sparked a widespread conversation online, with many people sharing their displeasure with the man's behavior.

"Oh for god's sake! Why can't people just wake up 3 minutes earlier?" one person tweeted.

"Oh no! Some people seem pleased with their own efficiency, but surely this is not hygienic, along with shaving, tweezing, nail cutting and squeezing zits," another wrote.

"I am a fairly reserved chap but I would have said something here and probably become quite angry. It's vile and unfair on other passengers. What sort of moron would do this?!" another commented

Others were far less critical though. Some suggested that it's unfair to judge the man without knowing his full circumstances. A few users theorized he could even be participating in a "performance art" exercise.

Some, however, were simply praiseworthy, jokingly rewarding the man's "efficient" use of precious morning time.

"Ultimate multitasking," one Twitter user wrote.