Hilarious clip of wild turkey stalking mailman goes viral

Jeff Byrne, a mailman in Wisconsin, is going viral thanks to a video filmed on Nov. 18 that showed a wild turkey chasing him on his delivery route.

Sherry Michaels was the neighbor who filmed the bizarre scene and uploaded it to her Facebook. It has over 12 million views and has been shared almost 400,000 times.

Her caption was: "Our poor mail carrier has been dealing with this for a month!"

In the video, Byrne is shown minding his own business and delivering mail as the turkey chases after his USPS truck and menacingly tries to glare through his passenger side window.

"He didn’t pay me much, any attention at all in the first couple of months, but over the last month he’s acquainted himself quite well with the truck and now has started to follow me," Byrne said. In the 20 years he's worked as a mail carrier, he's never had this happen.

Watch the hilarious In The Know clip above.