Man reunites with long-lost cat after he's found 1,300 miles away

An Oregon man was reunited this week with his cat that went missing five years ago and was found in New Mexico.

Viktor Usov assumed his cat, Sasha, had been taken by coyotes when he disappeared in Portland shortly after Usov adopted him in 2014.

Usov was shocked when he got a call from an animal shelter 1,300 miles away in Santa Fe saying they had his cat, TODAY reported. Sasha had a microchip and after an employee scanned him, they called Usov.

"We have this long-haired black cat. It's attached to your name on its microchip, is it yours?" Usov recalled the shelter asking.

Sasha's fur was matted, but the feline had "definitely been eating" on the streets of Santa Fe, weighing a whopping 19 pounds.

"When I last saw him, he was like, maybe the size of a large burrito and now I'm assuming he's the size of four large burritos," said Usov. "He's just huge."

No one knows how the cat was able to travel more than 1,000 miles and across multiple states on his own. Usov is just glad to have his cat back.

"Sasha is back and It’s like he never left!!" Usov shared on Instagram.