Pregnant woman reportedly killed by dogs while walking in forest

A pregnant French woman was killed by dogs while taking her own dog on a walk in a forest on Saturday, the Guardian reported.

Elisa Pilarski's body was found in a forest outside a town around 56 miles northeast of Paris, the prosecutor’s office said. The 29-year-old was six months pregnant at the time.

An autopsy revealed that she bled to death "after several dog bites to the upper and lower limbs and the head." The dogs seemingly did not stop attacking the woman once she died, as some bites were "postmortem," prosecutor Frederic Trinh added.

Pilarski called her husband shortly before the attack and told him she felt unsafe because noticed "threatening dogs," according to The Guardian. Her husband was the one to later discover his wife's body.

After finding her body, Pilarski’s husband went to a neighbor’s home and told her, "My wife was killed by dogs," which prompted her to call for help, PEOPLE reported.

Police are investigating a group of dogs who were hunting deer the same day are the same dogs that killed the 29-year-old. Samples were taken from 93 dogs in the area to determine which ones attacked her, Fox News reported.