NFL POWER RANKINGS: Where every team stands heading into Week 12

Heading into Week 12, some big games lie ahead in the NFL.

There are big divisional games: the Texans and Colts, fighting for the AFC South; the Titans and Jaguars, only two games out of the division lead; the Panthers and Saints, fighting for a wild card and a first-round bye, respectively.

There are big conference games: the Seahawks and Eagles, fighting for their division leads and a playoff spot; the 49ers and Packers are fighting to be considered true contenders.

The Patriots and Cowboys also play a big non-conference game. The Patriots haven't exactly passed the sniff test the last two weeks while playing two solid teams in the Ravens and Eagles. Meanwhile, the Cowboys could pick up their best win of the season by beating the Patriots in Foxborough.

As we head to the three-quarter mark of the NFL season, here's where all 32 teams stand.

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