Pirates P Felipe Vazquez faces 21 new felony charges related to child sex arrest

Felipe Vazquez was denied bail and charged with multiple counts of child pornography and unlawful sexual contact with a minor on Tuesday. (Justin Berl/Getty Images)
Felipe Vazquez was denied bail and charged with multiple counts of child pornography and unlawful sexual contact with a minor on Tuesday. (Justin Berl/Getty Images)

Two months after being arrested on multiple charges related to an alleged sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl, Pittsburgh Pirates closer Felipe Vazquez is facing 21 additional felony charges.

The charges were announced at a court hearing in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania on Tuesday where Vazquez was denied bail, according to multiple reports.

The new charges include 10 counts of unlawful sexual contact with a minor, 10 counts of child pornography and one count of corruption of a minor.

Police: Images found on Vazquez’s devices

Police seized an iPhone and laptop belonging to Vazquez upon his arrest and found seven photos and three videos of a girl “in various stages of nudity,” Pennsylvania state trooper Michael Thompson wrote in a criminal complaint, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Those images resulted in the new charges.

Vazquez pleaded not guilty to the new charges through his attorney Robert Wheelock, who hinted during the hearing at presenting a defense that the alleged victim lied about her age and presented Vazquez with a fake ID, according to ESPN.

Vazquez accused of relationship with 13-year-old girl

Vazquez was arrested on Sept. 17 in Pittsburgh on charges that originated from a warrant in Lee County, Florida. The alleged victim had moved with her family from Pennsylvania to Florida.

The alleged victim’s mother contacted police in Florida after allegedly finding images sent from Vazquez, which prompted the investigation.

Vazquez stands accused of starting a relationship with the alleged victim when she was 13 years old after he met her in the bullpen at the Pirates PNC Park, and maintaining it until she was 15.

Police: Vazquez admitted to having sex with alleged victim

According to police, Vazquez admitted to sending nude photos and videos of himself performing sex acts to the girl via text message and social media. He admitted to having sex with her in 2017, according to a state trooper at Tuesday’s hearing, ESPN reports.

The girl told police that Vazquez drove to her home outside of Pittsburgh in Scottsdale, Pennsylvania, and attempted to have sex with her in his car.

Vazquez facing charges in two states

Vazquez faces charges in Pennsylvania of statutory sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, corruption of minors and indecent assault of someone less than 16 stemming from his original arrest.

He also faces charges in Florida of computer pornography, solicitation of a child, and providing obscene material to minors that prompted the investigation and his arrest. A judge on Tuesday denied an extradition request from Florida officials.

Vazquez, 28, was a two-time All-Star closer for the Pirates and has played Major League Baseball for five seasons.

He was placed on MLB’s restricted list upon his arrest.

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