Motorcyclists perform wild, gravity-defying stunts in 'Well of Death'

Daring motorcyclists rode their bikes and performed tricks along the vertical walls of a famous barrel-shaped wooden cylindrical pit in India called the "Well of Death."

Spectators who stood around the mouth of the well recorded the incredible feats. The footage was uploaded to Jukin on Nov. 18.

The riders can be seen zooming around on motorcycles – some without holding on to the handlebars and giving out high fives to those in the crowds above — which are horizontal to the ground below. They must balance themselves without any external support, reaching speeds around 40 mph.

It's considered dangerous, especially since riders do not wear helmets or have necessarily top-quality motorcycles or cars, and sometimes the wells, which are made of planks of wood, are missing pieces.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the spectacular started becoming popular in India in the late 20th century and initially began with performers using pedal bicycles to ride around the wells — the stunt shows lasting for 48 hours. Eventually, motorcycles and cars replaced the bicycles, and now shows like the one featured in the Jukin video sell cheap tickets to entertain guests who happen to be in the area.