Former McDonald's worker makes startling McNugget confession: 'Is there a statute of limitations?'


A former McDonald's employee is going viral after making a shocking confession that left some social media users hailing him as the "Robin Hood of McNuggets."

Cody Bondarchuk, who lives in Edmonton, Canada, took to Twitter on Friday to share an outrageous detail from his stint working at one of the chain's locations.

"I worked at McDonald's for two and a half years and I put 11 nuggets in almost every 10-piece I made," Bondarchuk's tweet read.

His post took the internet by storm, with the tweet recieving 900,000 likes and 80,000 retweets as of Tuesday afternoon. Twitter users quickly responded with praise, jokes and demands for Bondarchuk to explain further.

"The Robin Hood of nugz!" one Twitter user crowned Bondarchuk, a nickname he's since included in his Twitter bio.

"You are an every day hero. It’s these little things that can give people a lift!" another person commented.

In an interview with INSIDER, Bondarchuk said his actions went completely under the radar, noting that he "never got caught, although I'm sure my former managers aren't thinking too highly of me right now."

"Is there a statute of limitations on grand-theft-nuggets?" one Twitter user asked, to which Bondarchuk hilariously responded: "I hope so because I calculated it and would owe Ronald about $1,600."

Bondarchuk also explained the motivation for his actions, which took place when he was working at the restaurant between 2007 and 2009.

"You often hear stories about people missing a nugget or a thing of fries or sauce packs, so my coworkers and I wanted to do something to make people smile," Bondarchuk told INSIDER.

He clearly wasn't alone in that thinking either, as the viral post led other ex-service industry workers to share their own acts of kindness.

"I worked at Burger King when I was 16 and we were told we had to charge people for sauce. I thought it was stupid to nickel & dime people for sauce that should come with their food, so I never did," one person confessed.

"In my 3 years working at a theme park, I gave people towers of soft serve on their cones, overstuffed the pulled pork sandwiches and fit as many chips as I could into each nacho boat. Give your food service workers some appreciation, because we love you, you filthy animals," another commented.

It seems Bondarchuk's act of heroism went mostly unrewarded though. He told INSIDER that the McDonald's he worked at was mostly a drive-thru location, meaning customers often left before realizing they'd received an 11th nugget.

But that overdue praise came heaping in via Twitter, with each commenter making their support for Bondarchuk more elaborate than the last.

"Are you working at a bank now and if so what branch?" another person tweeted.