Freddie Kitchens continues support of Myles Garrett: He's 'a good person'

Cleveland Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens is sticking by his player.

During a media session on Monday, Kitchens continued to defend Myles Garrett, who was suspended indefinitely by the NFL for his role in an ugly brawl between the Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday.

After sacking Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph, Garrett removed Rudolph's helmet from his head and proceeded to hit him with it before being forced away by multiple Steelers players.

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Immediately after Thursday night's game, Kitchens said both he and Garrett were "embarrassed" but insisted that the defensive end "understands what he did" and that it was "totally unacceptable."

On Monday, Kitchens elaborated further on his feelings in the aftermath of the incident, calling Garrett "soft-spoken" and "a good person."

"We're not going to pile on Myles," he said. "He had a bad lapse in judgment, and that's it. I'm still a Myles Garrett fan, and I'm going to support him. Our organization is going to support him, and his teammates will support him, and his coaching staff will support him."

The so-called support from Garrett's teammates has thus far been a mixed bag. Quarterback Baker Mayfield quickly condemned Garrett's actions as "inexcusable," while fellow defender Sheldon Richardson publicly called for Rudolph to be disciplined for his role in the skirmish, as well.

Garrett will attend an appeal for his suspension on Wednesday.

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