Day care worker leaves a nasty note in 5-year-old's lunchbox: 'I am in absolute shock'

A Texas day care worker was fired after she left a note in a 5-year-old boy's lunchbox.

Francesca Easdon, sent a note in her son, Kyler's lunchbox that she thought would "make him smile at lunch time."

The note said, "Please tell [my son] that his mommy loves him so much and I'm thinking about him. Thank you!"

Easdon posted a photo of the note and detailed the incident with Rocking Horse Day Care Center in Kingwood, Texas, on Facebook.

"We have been working with [my son] on his eating, he’s extremely picky! I have been introducing new healthy options in his lunchbox and discussed the changes with his school," she wrote. "And for the record, I feel that [my son] is perfect the way he is, I’m just helping him make healthier choices."

Easdon said she was in "absolute shock" when she found the same note in her son's lunchbox with another message written on the bottom.

"No! Put him on a diet and go away!" the note read.

"I was absolutely livid and immediately reached out to the school," Easdon said.

After meeting with the school director, Easdon said, "almost no remorse was shown."

"When I asked them what are you planning to do about this… I let them know right then that the only resolution is that that person that wrote the note should be terminated," Easdon told KTRK.

A teacher confessed to writing the note and was fired from Rocking Horse Day Care, according to Easdon.

Easdon has since removed her son from Rocking Horse and is warning parents to pay close attention to their schools.

"Monitor your day cares closely and stay away from this facility, they do NOT deserve the privilege of teaching our children," she added.