Restaurant employee fired after putting racial slur on receipt for 21-year-old


An employee at an Arizona restaurant who gave an order containing a racial slur to his coworker has now been fired — nearly a month after the incident took place.

Rakevion White, a student at the University of Arizona, was working at the Breakfast Club in downtown Phoenix on Oct. 22 when he received the shocking kitchen order, BuzzFeed News reported.

The 21-year-old, who is black, was handed a slip labeled "N**** Order," with the remark appearing twice on the sheet of paper. White said he was the only person working in that area of the restaurant at the time, so he understood the messaged to be directed at him specifically.

"Apparently this was a hysterical joke about myself that everyone including management thought was OK because the two employees were, 'Only joking,'" White wrote later in an Instagram post describing the ordeal.

White went on to say that even though he's been "called way worse," he was frustrated by the "disrespect" he felt when no disciplinary action was taken against his coworker. The 21-year-old explained he was posting about the incident nearly four weeks later because nothing had been done.

"It made me feel uncomfortable because it's like, OK, well, you're pretty much saying it's acceptable, but since they explained to you that they were joking, then I should be OK with it," White told BuzzFeed News.

The company has now decided to take action, confirming in an Instagram post that it had fired the employee who wrote the message for White.

"While we believe in God's grace and the sincerity of this young man's remorse, we have more than 100 employees to consider and our standing as an organization in a community we love and value very much," the restaurant wrote.

"It was crude, insensitive and deeply hurtful. It was an extremely serious breach of how we expect Breakfast Club employees to treat each other and our guests," Breakfast Club added regarding the joke.

White, who said he has also filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, told the Arizona Republic he wished the decision had come sooner.

“Today’s firing should have happened the day I was the butt of an N-word joke. Management was alerted to this serious offense on day one," White said.