NFL world stunned by Myles Garrett attack on Mason Rudolph: Calls for season-long ban, jail


Thursday’s Browns-Steelers game ended with an ugly brawl that saw Cleveland defensive end Myles Garrett remove Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet and swing it at his unprotected head.

James Harrison: ‘6 months in jail on the street’

Current and former NFL players watching from home were stunned and took to Twitter with reactions predicting a season-long ban, while James Harrison said an assault like that would warrant jail time if it happened on the street.

Patrick Mahomes, J.J. Watt, others react

Former players working as analysts on the NFL Network set also shared strong reactions.

Steve Smith:

“You can't do that. That has no place. Thursday night, Sunday night, Monday night, the local schoolyard, it's just unacceptable.”

Michael Irvin:

"It was scary to watch, it really is."

Joe Thomas:

"There's a line you don't cross, and he crossed it."

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