Instagram influencer sentenced to prison for performing illegal injections on followers


A German Instagram influencer was sentenced to four years in prison for performing illegal cosmetic procedures on her followers.

The influencer was identified only as a 29-year-old pregnant woman with around 100,000 followers. She was accused of injecting hyaluronic acid into multiple women's noses and lips as "filler," Germany’s Deutsche Welle reported.

The 29-year-old charged followers around $330 for her services and performed the procedures in her own home and in hotels around Germany.

Many women reported swelling or pain after the injections.

Judge Dirk Reitzig told the woman at her sentencing that she "should be happy that nothing worse happened. The term 'hygiene ordinance' was completely unknown to you," he added.

The influencer was also found guilty of tax fraud and must repay around $73,500 in unpaid taxes.

Instagram recently cracked down on allowing cosmetic procedures to be promoted by influencers on the platform. Its new policy blocks, and sometimes removes, content promoting weight-loss or cosmetic procedures to younger teens.

The changes come as the platform grapples with the impact of influencers promoting diet teas, supplements and certain cosmetic surgery.