Cows swept away by Hurricane Dorian found alive 3 months later


Cows thought to have been completely swept away by Hurricane Dorian were found about 3 miles from where the animals had been living before the Category 1 hurricane hit.

National park officials believe the three cows swam to their new home on the North Carolina coast as they fought the surge from the storm, according to TODAY.

A group of 28 wild horses and at least 20 wild cows disappeared after the storm in September and were thought to be long gone. The cows have been living on the islands for years and "have always found a way to survive," Pam Flynn said.

"It's an amazing story,'' BG Horvat of the Cape Lookout Parks Department told TODAY. "To be swept up by a 9-foot-plus surge of water that's coming back and filling up the sounds, and it's just coming. It's not stopping. It's just moving forward with a lot of force."

While most people may not think cows are swimmers, these three animals prove that they actually are. Flynn and another resident were the first to find the cows, who seem to be doing just fine in their new home.

"I guess if horses can swim, I guess cows can,'' Flynn said. "Highlight of our day, week, month, year."