Toledo football player ejected after one of the nastiest targeting penalties you'll see

Terrance Taylor/Ross Bowers
Toledo DE Terrance Taylor hit Northern Illinois quarterback Ross Bowers from behind well after he was already down.

This one is hard to watch, so reader: be warned.

In Wednesday night’s game between Northern Illinois and Toledo, Rockets defensive end Terrance Taylor put a late hit on Huskies quarterback Ross Bowers, and it’s one of the most egregious instances of targeting you’ll ever see.

Bowers slipped and went down, then popped back up on his knees, and Taylor came in and made a helmet-to-helmet hit from behind that’s painful to watch. Somehow, it was initially called a regular personal foul on the field.

Here’s a closer look:

Ross Bowers-Terrance Taylor
Toledo's Terrance Taylor's hit on Northern Illinois' Ross Bowers is one of the ugliest you'll see.

After review, the call was changed to targeting, and Taylor was ejected. By NCAA rules, he’s forced to sit out the first half of Toledo’s game on Nov. 20 against Buffalo. But Toledo said Thursday that Taylor will be suspended for that whole game because of how egregious the penalty was.

“We are disappointed that this play occurred,” Toledo coach Jason Candle said in a statement. “It’s not something we coach. We’ll use it as a teaching tool for our team on the value of discipline in emotional times.”

It’s unclear if Bowers went through concussion protocol after taking this hit, but it undoubtedly looks like he should have. Northern Illinois won the game 31-28 on a late field goal.

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