Tarik Cohen's locker room complaint cracks Bears teammate up mid-interview

Tarik Cohen needs a towel.

Tarik Cohen also needs a stepladder to reach the towels in the Chicago Bears locker room, and he's none too pleased with what seems to be an ongoing vendetta against him.

While teammate Nick Williams was doing an interview on Wednesday, the 5-foot-6 running back audibly aired his frustration with whoever has been storing said towels up too high, and the resulting clip is pretty hilarious.

"Who keeps putting the towels on the top shelf?" Cohen can be heard exclaiming while Williams fielded questions, prompting laughter from the defensive end and reporters.

A tweet of the video sent out by the Bears seemed to imply that the placement of the towels was a prank by someone else on the team.

The footage has since been viewed on Twitter 1.5 million times.

This isn't the first time this season that Cohen has been teased for his stature. Several players on the New Orleans Saints mocked Cohen's height during their Week 6 matchup with Chicago, but the running back took it in stride, insisting afterward that he's fully aware that he's short.

The Bears next play the Los Angeles Rams during this weekend's edition of "Sunday Night Football." Hopefully, Cohen will have been able to shower by then.