Ohio offensive lineman lines up out wide and then does a cartwheel after the snap

Spot the cartwheel. (via ESPN2)
Spot the cartwheel. (via ESPN2)

When you’re an offensive lineman and you get the opportunity to line up where a wide receiver normally lines up, you need to take full advantage.

Ohio unveiled a unique formation in the third quarter Tuesday night that included OL Hagen Meservy split out wide to the left side of the field.

The pass didn’t go that way, unfortunately. Nathan Rourke found Adam Luehrman for a 25-yard completion down the middle. But that didn’t stop Meservy from having some fun. Look at the cartwheel!

Watch the bottom of your screen. (via ESPN2)
Watch the bottom of your screen. (via ESPN2)

That’s some impressive athleticism. Well done, big man. Enjoy your time out wide.

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports

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