Wild turkeys are terrorizing a New Jersey town: 'They go to attack you'

A gang of 40-60 wild turkeys is overrunning a New Jersey town and residents are pleading for officials to intervene.

The turkeys in Tom's River, N.J., have congregated in Holiday City, which is mostly a 55-and-up community.

While some may find the idea of a town being overtaken by turkeys humorous –– especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner –– residents aren't laughing.

The birds, which WZDX reported can weigh up to 25 pounds and can run up to 20 mph, are behaving aggressively and are frightening to locals.

"I can't get out of my door," one resident told News 12 New Jersey. "Sometimes I can't get out of my car. They go to attack you."

They're not only going after the people in the town, but also their property.

"They have come close to harming my family and friends, ruined my cars, trashed my yard and much more..." former third baseman for the Yankees and Mets Todd Frazier said on Twitter.

"Animal control needs to step up and move these animals ASAP. State wildlife control needs to figure it out. What’s it going to take?" Frazier added in a subsequent tweet.

Toms River Animal Control isn't able to help because they are not licensed "to trap, relocate, or as they use the word, harass the turkeys or any wildlife, for that matter, that's a nuisance," ABC 7 reported.

The Division of Fish & Wildlife is working with a resident who raised concerns about the turkeys to gather information, according to New Jersey 101.5.

In the meantime, the division offered tips on dealing with the turkeys. One way to scare the birds is by using a broom, garden hose or air horn, which will reinforce their natural fear of people.