Camera catches meteor lighting up Missouri sky

A meteor was caught on camera shooting across the sky in St. Louis, Mo., on the evening of Nov. 11.

NBC News compiled two clips showing a bright burst followed by a streak of light. People in both the city and the suburbs reported seeing the flash and lit up social media with posts and pictures. Multiple security and doorbell cameras were able to record the amazing phenomenon.

According to the American Meteor Society (AMS), a fireball — which many people think is being shown in the video — is a descriptor for a very bright meteor whose magnitude is high enough that it can be seen from Earth. Several thousand fireballs occur in the Earth's atmosphere every day, but the majority happen over oceans or uninhabited areas or during the daylight, so it's very rare to notice one.

The AMS confirms that based on the footage and the hundreds of reports they were sent, the event in Missouri was a fireball passing over.

Watch the incredible video above.