Parents film daughter's unexpected reaction to pregnancy

These parents recorded the sweet moment when they told their daughter that they were pregnant with her younger sibling. Filmed in Hertfordshire, England, on Nov. 5, the clip shows the touching and intimate moment between the close-knit family, including the daughter's unexpected reaction.

Picked up by Jukin on Thursday, the clip starts out with the mom saying, "Mummy's pregnant," rendering her daughter speechless. After a stunned pause — which gets a big laugh from her dad — the young girl asks, "Are you actually? Are you actually, mummy?"

When her mom confirms, the girl starts crying and puts her water bottle down so she can hug her mom. The dad in the background can be heard trying to comfort her, while also laughing in surprise at her very emotional reaction.

The girl was adorably overwhelmed by the good news and uncontrollably sobbing to her parents out of happiness. The heartwarming video finishes with everyone hugging each other in celebration.

Watch the tear-jerking video above.