Out-of-control car nearly slams into man on side of highway

Dashcam footage of a near-fatal incident on San Francisco's Highway 101 was just released by another driver who witnessed the ordeal.

The clip, which was picked up by Rumble, shows cars driving northbound in the afternoon when, suddenly, a car in the far left lane spins across the white lines and smashes into a white car. The white car is then thrust sideways across the highway toward a barrier, while the out-of-control car careens to the right shoulder, where a man is standing vulnerably behind his stopped car.

Upon impact, the man tumbles into the lane of traffic before quickly getting to his feet. The car filming pulls over toward the shoulder where both cars have collided.

According to Rumble's caption on the video, a female driver claims she lost control of her car. The man on the side of the road was lucky to not suffer more serious injuries.