Texas white supremacist executed for 2002 extension-cord strangulation

A white supremacist convicted for the 2002 strangulation of a Texas woman has been put to death.

Justen Hall was pronounced dead at the Huntsville penitentiary 6:32 p.m. local time Wednesday, reported The Associated Press.

Hall, then 21, lethally strangled Melanie Billhartz in El Paso on Oct. 28, 2002, with a black extension cord when he feared she would rat him out for running a methamphetamine house, reported the El Paso Times.

After murdering the 29-year-old woman, Hall drove to a desolate New Mexico desert to bury her remains.

As his mother and half-sister locked eyes on Hall through a window just several feet away as he prepared for death by lethal injection, he told them, “I’m going to miss you all.”

Minutes later, the 38-year-old killer was dead.

He was injected with a fatal dose of pentobarbital. Soon after inhaling several deep breaths, he became unconscious. His snores gradually became lighter and then he was dead, according to The AP.

Hall had been a member of the Aryan Circle gang when he killed Billartz, a transgender woman.

Investigators stated that his prejudice was a motive in the hate-crime slay.

Amazingly, Hall had been released on bond after being charged with killing Arturo Diaz, also a transgender woman, in April 2002.

Diaz’s body was discovered April 20, 2002, near Sunland Park, N.M., according to reports. She had been shot in the back.

“I killed Meanie, and I killed Arturo,” Hall told a judge in 2017. “And I accept the punishment for it, and I’m ready to get it over with, you know.”