Man sentenced for insurance claim fraud caught on video

A New Jersey man who faked a pathetic-looking workplace fall dodged jail time this week when a judge sentenced him to two years probation, 14 hours community service and $563.48 restitution.

Alexander Golinsky, 58, was caught on security video throwing ice cubes on the floor of a Woodbridge Township business that had hired him as a subcontractor, then lying on the ground and pretending he’d been injured in a fall.

Golinsky falsely stated he’d injured his head in a fraudulent insurance claim that caught the attention of the state’s Attorney General, which has been cracking down on such cases.

The admitted fraudster received medical attention for two months, ending Nov.1, 2018. Golinsky also billed insurers for his ambulance joyride from the cafeteria to an area hospital. Cops arrested him on Jan. 15 and he entered a guilty plea eight months later.