Concertgoers baffled by man chugging bottle of hot sauce

Concertgoers attending a festival in Columbus, Ohio, in early October were in for a confusing surprise when a man in ninja attire grabbed a large bottle sriracha hot sauce and started chugging it.

In The Know picked up the clip, but it's not an isolated incident. The man, Aaron Nguyenning, has made a name for himself around the festival circuit and online for chugging bottles of hot sauce during concerts.

In an interview with EDM Identity, Nguyenning said he's been dubbed Sriracha Man since 2015. Bored at a New Year's Eve rave, he went to the food court and thought it would be funny to chug a bottle of hot sauce in front of everyone.

"I swear over 30 phones were busted out when I got a little lost on the sauce for a brief second," he told the publication.

Since getting kicked out of that venue, he's made a name for himself for always having a bottle of sriracha on him at concerts. Fans will upload sightings of him holding his famous bottle of sriracha. Sometimes he'll share, but most of the time music lovers can spot him crowd-surfing and chugging the hot sauce himself.