Woman fakes cancer and scams donors out of $10,000: 'Every word she uttered to us was a lie'

A Pennsylvania woman is accused of faking cancer and scamming people out of more than $10,000.

Jessica Cornell Smith, 32, was arrested Monday and charged with theft by deception-false impression and receiving stolen property, NBC10 reported.

Smith claimed she was diagnosed with hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. She was collecting money through a GoFundMe page and Facebook fundraiser for medical bills, travel costs and other payments related to child care and missed work. She also claimed her insurance coverage held a $15,000 deductible.

Through her fundraisers, she raised more than $10,000 that was deposited into her TD bank account, according to NBC10.

"She took advantage of other people’s generosity by lying about having cancer. She also lied about her own father’s death to get another day off from work," Chester County’s First Assistant Attorney Michael Noone told KYW.

Jeff Bergh, host of The Ever Evolving Truth podcast, interviewed Smith twice and started to notice that some of what she said didn't add up.

"We just started looking into some of the things that she was saying and it turned out that every bit of it, every word she uttered to us was a lie," Bergh told KYW.

Smith's husband confirmed to authorities that she doesn't have cancer and that she is covered by his insurance policy.

The kind people who were scammed may be able to get their money back and get closure soon.

A spokesperson for GoFundMe said they’re working to return the money to everyone who donated to Smith, according to NBC10.

"It’s a really good feeling that she’s going to have to face what she’s done," Bergh said.