Thousands watch live stream of cliffside house demolition

A very careful demolition operation is underway in Wisconsin, where a three-bedroom house has been dangling off the edge of a cliff for about a year, marveling locals.

According to Milwaukee news station WTMJ-TV, the house sits 50 feet above Lake Michigan and is one of many homes being threatened by eroding shorelines in the area. After the porch and huge chunks of the foundation suddenly dropped off the house, the family had to quickly move out. The house has been unoccupied since last year and has started to tilt down towards the water.

Local officials could not figure out how to safely move the house or save the remains. The cost to save the structure would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After multiple attempts to schedule a demolition, crews finally had the chance to work on it on Tuesday. In order to avoid dumping debris into the lake below, workers are delicately tearing apart the house and moving the pieces more inland.

Over 80,000 people tuned into the live stream of the demolition on Facebook. Watch the "Today Show" segment from Wednesday to see highlights from the stream.