Driver throws himself onto vehicle to prevent carjacking

Recently released surveillance footage showed a man leaping onto the hood of a moving vehicle in an attempt to stop a carjacking.

According to NBC News, the altercation happened in Boston on Monday night. The clip shows a man about to walk into a storefront, only to turn around and start sprinting back towards the street.

After falling down the stairs, the man then runs into the road and throws himself onto the hood of the moving car, holding on for the rest of the block. Unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful, and the carjacker took a sharp turn which threw the owner off of the car and onto the street.

Eric Buckley told NBC Boston that he saw the whole thing unfold. "I jerked around in time to literally see the man flying through the air," Buckley said. "He smashed on the ground."

A different security camera caught how the thief then crashed the stolen car into a line of parked vehicles on a side street, before speeding off.

The owner who jumped on top of the car sustained minor injuries. Police are still investigating who the carjacker was.