Dashcam records rude Lyft passenger throwing trash at driver

A dashboard camera recorded a Louisiana Lyft driver's heated interaction with a rude passenger in April of this year. ViralHog picked up the clip and recirculated it on Friday.

In the video, the driver is seen pulling up to a casino and confirming with a woman that his car is the Lyft she requested. After exchanging pleasantries, her husband climbs into the backseat and the driver tells the couple, "I cannot do open containers, so if you can either drink it or discard of it."

The husband then pours the rest of his drink outside of the car before closing the door and then throws the garbage into the passenger seat, as the driver thanks him for getting rid of his drink.

Both the state of Louisiana and Lyft have policies against open containers with alcoholic beverages.

The driver is then seen picking up the trash and telling the husband, "you just spilled alcohol in my car." Annoyed, the husband asks if the driver wants the couple to leave and then gets out of the car and says, "you got a zero" in reference to Lyft's rating system for drivers.

For both Lyft and Uber drivers, maintaining a high score from passengers is crucial to staying active on the platform.

While the wife complains about the driver kicking them out, the husband walks around to the passenger seat and tries to wipe down the alcohol that spilled from his cup when he threw it.

The camera also revealed the aftermath, where the driver called Lyft support and noticed the couple getting into a different Lyft. The driver pulled up to the new Lyft car and explained to the driver that he had just kicked the couple out of his car for throwing alcohol at him.

According to the ViralHog upload, the couple was banned from Lyft and charged a cleaning fee.