Dancing priest goes viral for incredible pep rally performance

A Catholic priest who wowed attendees during a high school pep rally is now going viral for his impressive dance moves.

Father Ricardo Rivera, a senior theology teacher at Cardinal Gibbons Catholic High School, in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., performed the crowd-pleasing routine on Oct. 25, "Good Morning America" reports.

Rivera, a recently ordained priest who was dressed in his church robes during the event, seemingly took audience members by surprise. The school told "Good Morning America" he simply learned the dance moves from a video, and practiced for only 15 minutes.

Video of the routine, posted to the school's Twitter account, shows a line of cheerleaders dancing waving pom-poms before Rivera joins them. The priest holds up his arms in a seemingly holy manner, then jumps into a complex series of moves.

The clip, posted with the hashtag, "#DancingPriest" has earned hundreds of retweets and received coverage in numerous national news outlets. It's been viewed at least 25,000 times on Twitter alone.

Commenters on social media also had plenty of praise for Rivera, sharing amazement and authentic joy over his heartwarming performance.

"Absolutely love this!!!!! The video put a HUGE smile on my face so I can only imagine how those students felt during the pep rally," one Twitter user replied.

"Gotta love him!" another commented.