Ravens player uses 'Sunday Night Football' intro to shout out to Taco Bell instead of his alma mater

When you think of professional football players who compete in one of the most physically grueling sports known to man, you probably don't think of Taco Bell.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon is working to change that.

This week, rather than following tradition and mentioning where he attended college, Judon used his "Sunday Night Football" intro to shout out the fast-food chain.

"Matthew Judon, body built by Taco Bell," he said in the prerecorded clip. The moment was quickly recorded and posted to Twitter by multiple accounts.

Taco Bell also took notice of Judon's apparently free advertising on Sunday night:

Whatever the Ravens players are eating seems to be working for them. The victory on Sunday was the team's fourth-straight win, bringing them to 6-2 and maintaining their status as the No. 1 team in the AFC North.

Judon's intro isn't the first "SNF" clip to go viral this season. Fans slammed Odell Beckham Jr. for taking some editorial liberties with his introduction back in September.