Niagara Falls boat moves for first time in over 100 years

A rusting ship has been stuck on the rocks toward the edge of Niagara Falls after it broke free from a tugboat in 1918. Visitors to the famous waterfall may have caught a glimpse of it before. But to the surprise of many, the "iron scow," which hasn't budged since 1918, moved.

The "Today Show" covered the story on Monday morning.

According to reports, a fierce storm over Halloween weekend flipped the boat over and moved it about 150 feet closer to the falls, less than 2,000 feet away from the edge.

Officials say the wreck looks secure for now, but are stunned to have discovered that it had moved for the first time in over a century. Due to the sudden movement, no one is sure how long the boat will stay put.

Watch the "Today Show" clip above to learn more about the bizarre incident.