Black cat visits field during Cowboys-Giants game on 'Monday Night Football'


Cue the Halloween jokes — even if they’re a few days late.

The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants got an unexpected break during their “Monday Night Football” matchup when an uninvited visitor made its way into MetLife Stadium.

Play stopped in the second quarter when a black cat showed up and made itself at home after arriving near midfield during a break in a Giants drive.

It made a run for the end zone before members of the orange-clad security team attempted to corral the feline friend.

Of course anyone who’s attempted to harness a cat that does not want to be caught knows that this can be a fruitless effort. The cat eventually found an exit down a tunnel out of sight of television cameras, hopefully to be found by somebody willing to give it a home.

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Local resident?

Sports Illustrated and MSG reporter Madelyn Burke got the scoop that the cat might be part of a local group of strays that hangs out in the bleachers.

SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano reports that stadium officials intend to search for the cat to capture it and take it to a veterinarian for a checkup.

The animal invasion made for plenty of opportunity for radio and TV broadcasters alike to show off their improv skills.

Don’t blame the cat

It also raised memories of a black cat that showed to a Friday the 13th baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets in 1969. That cat made a visit to the Cubs dugout and has been blamed as bad luck for a Chicago team that eventually fell out of playoff contention.

Of course, no feline has such powers. Any misfortune that befalls the Giants or the Cowboys after Monday can likely be blamed on management.

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