Baker Mayfield looked extremely defeated after Broncos loss, and Twitter had jokes

He has eight games left in the regular season, but Baker Mayfield already looks defeated.

Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns fell 24-19 to the Denver Broncos on Sunday, marking their fourth straight loss. Mayfield went 27 of 42 for 273 yards and had one touchdown in the loss. While it was a better performance for him personally than he’s shown in the past few weeks, it wasn’t enough to get the Browns past an injured Broncos team using their backup quarterback.

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Mayfield looked out of it when he showed up to speak with the media after the game, too, having shaved the handlebars he repped for the game into an extremely sad-looking mustache.

Naturally, fans had plenty of jokes.

Fans make fun of Baker Mayfield after loss
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Fans make fun of Baker Mayfield after loss
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