A puppy was dropped into a yard in Australia — it turns out he's actually a wild dingo

Wandi was a mysterious stray puppy who fell from the sky –– literally.

The pup was found in August at around 5-weeks-old in a rural Australian backyard.

Veterinarian Rebekah Day told CNN that the family who found Wandi left him alone, thinking he was lost. After no one came to claim the puppy, they realized he may not be a puppy at all.

"They went out in the morning and they could hear whimpering," Day said.

Day brought Wandi to the Australian Dingo Foundation's sanctuary called Dingo Discovery.

The Australian Dingo Foundation believes he was scooped up by an eagle and dropped into the backyard. He had wounds on his back and his nails were worn down, suggesting he had traveled far on foot before he was found.

Wandi underwent a DNA test for dingo purity. After a few weeks, results from the University of New South Wales' genetics lab revealed he is, in fact, 100% purebred dingo.

"He is living proof that the dingo is still prevailing in its purest form in Victoria," Dingo Discovery wrote on Instagram.

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The sanctuary plans to add Wandi to its breeding program when he's older. His genes will "increase strength and diversity" of the population of pure dingoes at the sanctuary, the sanctuary wrote in an Instagram post.

The dingo is native to Australia and is currently listed as a "vulnerable" species with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, according to the Australian Museum.

A GoFundMe to help raise and care for Wandi has already surpassed its goal of $1,000. In response to the huge interest in Wandi's journey, the Australian Dingo Foundation created an Instagram account just for him.