Tom Brady's dog doesn't recognize him in his Halloween costume and it's the cutest thing

Tom Brady served his dog a trick instead of a treat this Halloween.

The costume-clad quarterback posted a video of himself and his dog, Onyx, on his Instagram stories Thursday afternoon. Brady wanted to show off his get-up — a full-body stormtrooper outfit — to his fans on social media, but his pup was in the way.

Brady attempted to trick Onyx into walking out of the frame several times by pretending to throw a treat. The dog, however, wasn't buying it. He stood firm, seemingly not recognizing that it was his owner sitting in front of him.

Via Tom Brady/Instagram

It took several tries for the dog to fall for the fake treat bit and give the camera an unobstructed view of Brady's Star Wars-inspired costume, but eventually Onyx strolled away.

Brady joked that Onyx didn't fall for the trick because he "doesn't trust stormtroopers."

Ironically, the photo Brady chose to post on social media was one that featured his furry friend:

Onyx was the fourth canine added to the Brady-Bündchen household. Brady posted a photo announcing the pup's adoption earlier in October. Onyx joined Lua, Scooby and Fluffy in the famous couple's home (which, if you're wondering, is still up for sale).