Ivanka Trump quotes Thomas Jefferson in defense of her father

In the wake of Thursday’s vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to proceed with an impeachment inquiry targeting her father, Ivanka Trump invoked the words of Thomas Jefferson in his defense.

Trump’s elder daughter quoted a letter the Founding Father wrote to his daughter Martha during an election crisis in 1801.

The House passed a resolution Thursday establishing the procedures for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. The final vote was 232-196, with former Republican and current independent Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan voting yes and two Democrats voting no.

The measure, which came after weeks of Republican criticism of Democrats for conducting interviews behind closed doors, signals the beginning of public hearings in which staff counsel for both parties will be given equal time to question witnesses.

Ivanka Trump. (Photo: James Lawler Duggan /Reuters)
Ivanka Trump. (Photo: James Lawler Duggan/Reuters)

Jefferson’s letter came about two weeks before he was elected the nation’s third president after the House broke a tie vote in the Electoral College, ending a deadlocked race between him and Aaron Burr, Jefferson’s running mate.

“Jefferson’s victory ended one of the most acrimonious presidential campaigns in U.S. political annals and resolved a constitutional crisis,” wrote Politico last year.

Jefferson’s full message, written to his daughter near the end of his hard-fought campaign went on to read, “I pant for that society where all is peace and harmony, where we love and are loved by every object we see.”


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