How Sam Dameshek started his photography career at 14

Sam Dameshek has been photographing top artists since he was 14.

"I'll do a lot of traveling with artists. I went to London with Halsey — I've done New York with her a few times — was just in New York with Camila Cabello, just in Canada with Shawn Mendes," Dameshek said.

For this episode of In The Know: Profiles, we interviewed Dameshek — who is usually behind the camera — a popular, young photographer who has worked with celebrities and brands since he first started taking pictures and experimenting with Photoshop when he was in high school.

One day his mom let him skip class to go work on a set in Hollywood, and everything just clicked into place.

"I was just this 15-year-old kid on set calling all the shots," he said. "Talking to the owner, he was like, 'Dude, every person there couldn't believe that this kid was on set. People were questioning you, but once they saw the finished product and they actually got to talk to you, they were questioning how you were 15 and weren't, you know, five or 10 years older.'"

Now at 20, Dameshek has several brand campaigns and celebrity endorsements under his belt, and his impressive portfolio is growing even more.

"I just found what kind of felt like my calling, and I just went for it, and it picked up faster than I could imagine."

To avoid burning out, Dameshek makes a point to exceed in other areas of his life as well. He quickly learned to develop a routine outside of photography that would be supportive of his mental health and keep his creative juices flowing.

Especially with everything Dameshek is juggling — photoshoots, teaching photography classes, selling his merchandise on his website and working on an upcoming book — it was imperative he find an outlet to keep him sane.

After growing up so fast, Dameshek also considers skateboarding a way to help him feel his age.

"I've always struggled to focus," he said. "Sometimes it's good to step out of your house, find another environment that seems safe and happy to you, kind of that energy, and I think that will really, like, bring up your spirits."

Dameshek is nowhere near finished with everything he wants to accomplish in the photography landscape.

"I want to grow old with the artists and the icons of this generation," he said. "I just think it's kind of unbelievable what happens when you put your mind to it. I'm constantly flicking myself, you know, wondering when do I wake up?"

Watch the full interview with Sam Dameshek in the In The Know: Profiles episode above.