Brides complete impressive deadlift during wedding ceremony: 'Together we are stronger'


A couple's New York wedding ceremony is going viral after the brides joined together for an impressive physical feat.

Zeena Hernandez and Lisa Yang, who got married inside Brooklyn's Prospect Park last month, finished off their vows with a tandem, 253-pound deadlift.

A photo of the post-nuptial stunt, taken by wedding photographer Eileen Meny, shows the newlyweds preparing to curl the massive bar, which is flanked by a set of LGBTQ-colored weights.

"Individually, we are strong capable women, but together we are stronger," Hernandez, 27, told Women's Health, noting both she and her wife can each manage the weight separately as well.

Fitness is a big part of the couple's relationship, and both are competitive weightlifters. Hernandez, who owns the Brooklyn-based Good Reps Physical Therapy, told NBC News that she introduced Yang to CrossFit, which later led to them joining the same weightlifting team.

The 27-year-old added that the team even lent a hand in the ceremony, helping with a number of logistics including placing a workout mat underneath the more ornate oriental rug.

"We had our weightlifting team with us, and they knew we were going to do it because we were practicing," Hernandez told NBC News.

Hernandez called her wedding "the most amazing day of my life," the culmination of a five-year relationship she described to NBC News as "a great New York love story." Their weightlifting sessions eventually turned into date nights, with the activity ultimately becoming so important they started considering it as part of their wedding.

"We thought about the usual candle lighting, tree planting, sand pouring, and none of those things represented [us]," Yang, 28, told Women's Health, adding that the couple also settled on deadlifts as it seemed like a relatively safe weightlifting option.

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Still, the lift wasn't without some challenges.

"We couldn’t keep the bar close, because the dresses were so poofy," Hernandez told NBC News.

The couple honeymooned in the Philippines, where they could visit Hernandez's grandmother, who was too sick to attend the wedding. Although they've since returned, the newlywed told Women's Health she still relives the viral moment.

"I was just so happy and in the moment!" she said. "I mean, we were deadlifting in Prospect Park in wedding gowns professing our love. It was awesome!"