Funeral attendees accidentally get high after outrageous cake mix-up

A German funeral came to an unexpected end after a mix-up led to many attendees getting high involuntarily.

The incident, which occurred after a burial service in Wiethagen, Germany, on Tuesday, stemmed from an accident involving a "hash cake" at a nearby bakery.

Funeral-goers left the burial to enjoy coffee and cake — a common afternoon ritual throughout Germany — at a nearby restaurant, but it turned out they'd been given the wrong order.

Thirteen people who ate the cake experienced dizziness and nausea, leading to a police investigation into the source of the mysterious, widespread symptoms. Authorities went to the bakery where the cake had come from and questioned the 18-year-old employee who completed the order.

As it turned out, the 18-year-old had also recently cooked a "hash cake" for a different occasion, and her mother — who also worked at the bakery — had mixed up the two orders.

The 18-year-old who baked the cakes is now under investigation, the Associated Press reported.

This is at least the second marijuana-related cake mix-up to happen in the last several months. In July, nurses at an English hospital got high "off their faces" after an elderly man accidentally brought them a hash-laced cake as a thank-you gift.

And it's not just cakes, either. Last year, a group of fifth graders in New Mexico accidentally got high after consuming weed candies they believed to be regular gummy bears. The Albuquerque Journal reported that the incident left some of the kids "giggly," while one girl — who ate five gummies — had to go to the nurse's office.