DeAndre Hopkins inadvertently trashes his old QBs when talking about receiving milestone

Houston Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins is only 27, but he’s already among the best to play the position. During Sunday’s game, Hopkins became the third-fastest receiver to reach 8,000 career yards.

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When asked about that accomplishment, Hopkins took pride in putting up those numbers despite a “carousel” at the quarterback position.

Hopkins, who is usually pretty humble, couldn’t help but acknowledge he deserves credit for passing that milestone with guys like Ryan Mallett, Tom Savage and T.J. Yates throwing him the ball. Hopkins even name drops Brock Osweiler and Brandon Weeden, which draws some laughs in the press room. Though it came off as an insult, Hopkins is being sincere in thanking those players. As Hopkins notes, “I can’t throw the ball to myself.”

While things were rough for Hopkins early in his career, he’s in a good spot now. Deshaun Watson has emerged as one of the best quarterbacks in the game, and he’s just 24. Hopkins should put up plenty of numbers as long as the two continue playing together.

Even in a scenario where Watson is no longer part of the equation, Hopkins would still put up ridiculous numbers. Bad quarterbacks have never stopped Hopkins in the past, and his ability to put up stats no matter the situation is why many believe Hopkins is the best receiver in the NFL.

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