World Series fan double-fisting beers pulls wild move to stop home run ball


Not all heroes wear capes, but apparently, some heroes drink Bud Light.

That's one of the takeaways from Sunday night's World Series matchup between the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros. The Astros won the game, 7-1, but it was a Nationals fan in the outfield who arguably made the play of the game.

The fan, identified by local media outlets as Jeff Adams, is now going viral for his reaction to a home run during the game's second quarter.

The play started when Astros outfielder Yordan Álvarez shot a two-run homer into left field. Adams, meanwhile, was standing right in the ball's path, double-fisting two tall cans of Bud Light. Instead of letting go of his beers in an attempt to catch the ball, Adams stood his ground — letting the ball slam directly into his chest.

It's unclear exactly how fast the ball was going, but an analysis by Popular Mechanics calculated that some baseball swings can enact a force equivalent to 8,300 pounds. In short, it probably didn't feel very good.

Adams managed to hold steady though, protecting his beer while enduring the hit and denying himself a chance to catch a World Series souvenir. The act earned him plenty of praise on social media, though, with users pouring in their praise.

"Catch a World Series home run or drop a beer? I think this guy has his priorities straight," one Twitter user said.

"Sorry Mr. Trump, the guy with two beers who let the home run hit him in the chest in your presence has passed the feat of strength and is now president," another commented.

TV reporter Victoria Sanchez spoke with Adams after the game, later tweeting that he was the "real MVP" for taking the hit while preserving his beverages. Adams told Sanchez he was surprised to hear he'd become an internet phenomenon — and revealed that he'd managed to hold onto the ball that hit him.

Even Bud Light had praise for Adams, asking fans on Twitter to help the company track him down.

"This man is a hero," Bud Light tweeted Sunday night. "Twitter please figure out who this guy is so we can reward him."

The Astros now lead the World Series, 3-2, with the Nationals traveling to Houston on Tuesday for Game 6.