LeBron James tweets that he had to evacuate his home due to California wildfires

LeBron James, star of the Los Angeles Lakers, tweeted on Monday morning that he and his family have been affected by the newest outbreak of California wildfires. According to his tweet, he and his family had been forced to evacuate their Brentwood home and were driving around trying to find a place to stay.

While the destructive wildfires in Northern California have been in the news over the past few days, the fire that’s affecting, James, his family, and thousands of others is a brush fire near the Getty Center museum in Los Angeles. High winds and low humidity have caused the fire to spread, leading to the evacuation order that covers James’ neighborhood.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, people had jokes for James about him leaving his hometown Cleveland for LA, because of course they did.

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Fans upset with LeBron James walking, yelling during national anthem
LeBron disrespecting the Anthem?!? Oh no https://t.co/3Gev5Dh24x
@ESPNNBA The national anthem wasn’t over yet. So disrespectful
@ESPNNBA @AaronSlam13 The Lakers don't own his rights, China does. He blew it!
@ESPNNBA @SportsCenter Couldn’t have waited until after the national anthem ended.......🤷🏼‍♂️
@ESPNNBA @SportsCenter READY to ignore human rights violations of the Chinese government 😤
@ESPNNBA @KingJames ignore the national anthem 🥴
@ESPNNBA Disrespecting the National Anthem... Awesome! 😒
@MickstapeShow @Cernovich What the hell LBJ doing to National Anthem ?? Omg #standwithUS
@MickstapeShow #LeBronShames will only respect to his Chinese national anthem😂
@MickstapeShow Played the wrong anthem 🇨🇳
@MickstapeShow @jackarriere It's okay. He stands for a different anthem. 🇨🇳
Right in the middle of the anthem. 😑 I have lost much respect for LeBron rapidly the last few weeks. https://t.co/G9YQ9da0zZ

Thankfully, James and his family did end up finding a place to crash, which he tweeted about just after 4am in LA.

He also tweeted wishes for the safety of those affected, and gave thanks to the first responders who are undoubtedly working very hard all around California to manage the fires.

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